English National Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

The English National Ballet has gathered to do justice to Nureyev’s production, which remains true to the classic Shakespeare story told so many times. Giving it a fresh twist with it’s stand out choreography and two of the strongest leads I have come across in a fair while. Jurgita Dronina was a perfect little pocket… Continue reading English National Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Grease – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Wella Wella Wella.. oh-well. It is not often I have to write a less than positive review, especially for somewhere such as the Bristol Hippodrome. I'll start with the fact that it wasn't a bad production, it was full of joy, energy and great songs but the problem I have is that it was a… Continue reading Grease – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Wonderland – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Alice in Wonderland is not exactly an untold tale. Plenty of cartoons, ballets, adaptations, for both stage and screen have been made over the years. So my thought was, "What's so special about this one?" With my review I will be answering this exact question, and explaining just how my expectations were exceeded. This version… Continue reading Wonderland – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Little Comets – The Komedia Bath

As I am writing this it is exactly a year since I saw Little Comets first perform in The Fleece in Bristol. Therefore I thought it only appropriate that I write up my thoughts on their recent concert which I saw on 19th February. Seeing them for the second time definitely did not make the… Continue reading Little Comets – The Komedia Bath

Mary Poppins – Bristol Hippodrome

This particular trip to Bristol Hippodrome wasn't exactly the watching from the cheap seats as the tickets we paid for were anything but cheap! However the words "worth it" spring immediately to mind. I decided against the pantomime this year, and went for something a little more sophisticated than screaming "IT'S BEHIND YOU" and having kids… Continue reading Mary Poppins – Bristol Hippodrome

Circa Waves – Bristol O2 Academy

I remember when I bought these tickets. On a family holiday which all of a sudden got all the more exciting when my brother announced Circa Waves were coming to Bristol. We bought tickets instantly. In the end six of us, me and my brother included, turned up at the recently refurbished but still vaguely… Continue reading Circa Waves – Bristol O2 Academy

Matthew Bourne – The Car Man – Bristol Hippodrome

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to review a Matthew Bourne performance on my blog. He is a great hero of mine and simply a genius choreographer. I have seen all of his recent work and would travel far and wide to see more. So naturally I was first in line for… Continue reading Matthew Bourne – The Car Man – Bristol Hippodrome