Dick Whittington Pantomime – Cheltenham Everyman REVIEW

The rags to riches story of Dick Whittington and his cat Tommy allows itself to be easily adapted into the comforting format of the traditional pantomime we all know and love. A heavy dose of physical humour, a cast bound together in daftness and a happily ever after couple (spoiler, sorry), this pantomime took me… Continue reading Dick Whittington Pantomime – Cheltenham Everyman REVIEW

Slava’s Snow Show – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

I emerged with snow in my hair, cobwebs on my jacket and completely discombobulated. My plus one Ella, who informs me she is a whole 8 years old, came out on a high after the bizarre mayhem that has just occurred. When asking Ella if she understood what we had just seen she said “of… Continue reading Slava’s Snow Show – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Grease – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Wella Wella Wella.. oh-well. It is not often I have to write a less than positive review, especially for somewhere such as the Bristol Hippodrome. I'll start with the fact that it wasn't a bad production, it was full of joy, energy and great songs but the problem I have is that it was a… Continue reading Grease – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Dismaland at Weston-Super-Mare

It's been on the news, it's been on people's lips and now it's on my blog. Dismaland is something not gone unnoticed by journalists, art critics, citizens of Weston-Super-Mare - where the exhibit is situated - and of course, the general public who have gathered in their thousands to enter the depressing world Banksy subtly created.… Continue reading Dismaland at Weston-Super-Mare