English National Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

The English National Ballet has gathered to do justice to Nureyev’s production, which remains true to the classic Shakespeare story told so many times. Giving it a fresh twist with it’s stand out choreography and two of the strongest leads I have come across in a fair while. Jurgita Dronina was a perfect little pocket… Continue reading English National Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

A mouth full of a title and a play that provides you with food for thought to match. This eye opening play follows the story of 15 year old Christopher in his attempts to discover who killed his neighbours dog. However, the essence of the story is actually about a family broken by a boy's… Continue reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Wonderland – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Alice in Wonderland is not exactly an untold tale. Plenty of cartoons, ballets, adaptations, for both stage and screen have been made over the years. So my thought was, "What's so special about this one?" With my review I will be answering this exact question, and explaining just how my expectations were exceeded. This version… Continue reading Wonderland – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

Orchestra Baobab – Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Since their last performance during their early 2000s reunion, Orchestra Baobab have been nowhere to be seen. Orchestra Baobab are back with full force, with an album in tribute to Ndiouga Dieng, a vocalist from the group who died last year. The 10 piece ensemble tore the roof off Cheltenham's big top during one quiet… Continue reading Orchestra Baobab – Cheltenham Jazz Festival

RENT – Cheltenham Everyman

Bruce Guthrie has taken this iconic modern story and given it a new lease of life.  RENT follows a group of friends in an AIDS ridden but glamorous New York City and their struggles and relationships throughout the year. This tragic tale is more than rough around the edges, with rocky vocals and graffiti scrawled… Continue reading RENT – Cheltenham Everyman

Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes – Bristol Hippodrome

A Hans Christian Anderson story fairytale within a classic yet tragic movie, adapted by a inspired choreographer who incorporated classic Hollywood music and a plethora of dance styles. The Red Shoes follows the story of Victoria Page, torn between her love for dancing and the man she falls so deeply for. Cordelia Braithwaite was a flawless and… Continue reading Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes – Bristol Hippodrome

Little Comets – The Komedia Bath

As I am writing this it is exactly a year since I saw Little Comets first perform in The Fleece in Bristol. Therefore I thought it only appropriate that I write up my thoughts on their recent concert which I saw on 19th February. Seeing them for the second time definitely did not make the… Continue reading Little Comets – The Komedia Bath