Cheltenham Literature Festival 2016 PREVIEW


That is what it would cost me, if I bought one ticket to every event I want to go to. Sadly I will have to narrow down my desired tickets, as I am still a poor stscreen-shot-2016-09-10-at-12-25-24udent and it is not possible to be in 6 places at once.

I hope this figure illustrates to you, just how nuts the line up is this year. From acts such as Nick Clegg, to Alan Carr, to Nadiya Hussain, the phrase “something for everyone” could screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-12-26-56not be more appropriate.

The highly anticipated festival spans over 10 days and will be held in characteristic venues dotted around Cheltenham. Some of the biggest names in the country, screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-12-27-51let alone the book world, will flood to the town to celebrate the written word in many ways. Debates, dinners and discussion fill the streets from over 600 events bought out by 100,000 tickets.

With the American poll looming, the front running theme this year is American Politics. The festival is celebrating a wide range of Amescreen-shot-2016-09-10-at-12-27-33rican writers as well as presenting events and talks about the Obama years and relationship between the UK and the US.

Families and children are suited for with book sneak peaks from Dame Jacqueline Wilson and other authors your child will sit quietly in awe of for hours.
If you’d rather fill your mouth than your mind, there is no shortage of dinners and high tea’s with your favourite authors, comedians and chefs.

The literature lovers are spoilt for choice this year. Fiction still remains the focus of the annual festival. Satisfy your nosiness with Booker prize-winners Graham Swift and Ian McEwan introduce their eagerly awaited novels.

Indulge in a week or two of evenings out, away from responsibilities and get lost in words, food and laughter.

Find something for you at

Tickets now on sale. 

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